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Aga Khan Stamps

Aga Khan  Stamps & First Day Covers

Based in Harrow, the collector sells Aga Khan  Stamps: Aga Khan Architecture Awards stamps  and other related Mint Stamps and First Day  Covers to individuals throughout the World. The stamps are issued for the Aga Khan Architecture Awards and Aga Khan University Hospital. They are sold in Mint and First Day Covers.  The Stamps and First Day Covers are:  
Afghanistan - Rumi 700th Death Anniversary 
Pakistan - Aga Khan III Centenary  
Egypt Architecture Award
Pakistan Aga Khan Architecture Awards 
Pakistan Aga Khan University Hospital 
Turkey Architecture Award 
Uzbekistan Architecture Award 
The stamps can be purchased from our shop in  singles, Multiples, FDC and Full sheets too.
 These stamps are getting rarer as time goes by..

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