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Aga Khan Stamps

The first stamp was issued by Pakistan on 2nd June 1977 commemorating the Agakhan III's Birth Centenary. In the same year The Aga Khan Award for Architecture was established by His Highness the Aga Khan IV (Prince Karim). He is the grandson of Agakhan III. Whenever an award was granted for the best Architecture, stamps were issued by the related countries to commemorate the event. These stamps are on sale here, Mint Stamps and First Day Cover.
Agakhan Architecture Award 1984 stamps are becoming rarer including the First Day Covers! 

Aga Khan lll  Birth Centenary Mint Stamp 1977, Pakistan

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Aga Khan III Stamp Mint Issued by Pakistan for the Birth Centenary of Aga Khan III on 2nd November 1977

Agakhan III Centenary

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