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Aga Khan Stamps

Aga Khan Stamps (Mint Never Hinged/MNH) and First Day Covers are from the following countries: 

Many of these stamps are getting rarer


Pakistan: Aga Khan III Birth Centenary

Issued on 2nd November 1977

Egypt: Aga Khan Architecture Awards

Halawa House, Agamy: Issued on 15th October 1989

Pakistan: Aga Khan Architecture Awards

Shalimar Gardens, Lahore:  Issued on 23rd October 1980  The Tomb of Shah Rukn-i-Alam, Multan: Issued on 26th June 1984 

Pakistan: Aga Khan University Hospital

Karachi: Issued on 16th March 1983

Turkey: Architecture Award

 Topkapi Palace in Istanbul: Issued on 4th September 1983

Uzbekistan: Architecture Award

Registan Square in Samarkand: Issued on 28th October 1992

Afghanistan: Jalaludin Rumi 700th Death Anniversary

Issued on 26th November 1968

All Images not to scale

Aga Khan Architectural Award Stamps & First Day Covers (FDC)

1980 Architecture Award Stamp, Pakistan

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Aga Khan Architecture Awards Uzbekistan 1992

Pakistan 1984 Aga Khan
Architecture Award Sheetlet 

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Aga Khan Architecture Awards Uzbekistan 1992

Pakistan 1983 Aga Khan Award
Combo Mint on Card and First Day Cover (FDC)

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Aga Khan Architecture Awards Uzbekistan 1992

Pakistan 1983 Aga Khan University Hospital 
Combo FDC and Mint Gutter pair Stamps on Card

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